Synchronise User Stories with Jira Cloud

Nb. Synchronisation with Jira Server is currently not available.

10x Productivity gains on user story analysis

Synchronising user stories between ScopeMaster and Jira Cloud:

The synch feature of ScopeMaster allows you to ensure you are always working on the correct version of a user story.  By default, ScopeMaster only reads/writes the Jira Issue Summary field of user stories.  There is nothing to install, the synchronisation is achieved through the Jira REST API. 

1. Create A Token in Jira

Go to your user account in Jira and create an API token:

2. Tell ScopeMaster about your Jira Instance

Go to your app (that you want synchronised) in ScopeMaster, then click on the top right menu link and select synchronise stories  

Then select Jira Software then click edit settings

1. Add the Jira cloud url for your instance of Jira, e.g. then click Save

2. You need to insert the API token created earlier the token value and your Atlassian user email address as the credentials. then click Save setting.

3. Test connectivity and permissions

Check connectivity and permissions (buttons provided). 

4. Add the Jira Project ID

Click the list projects button and select the Jira project that will be the target for synchronisation OR enter the Jira project number in the Project ID box.  Click save settings button and then click the continue button.

Control the synchronisation of User stories

Click the list stories button to see what data needs to be transferred between ScopeMaster and Jira.

You can transfer story text in either direction, one story at a time or all at once. 

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