How are credits used

Fair, Simple, Usage-Based Charging

You are only charged for the valuable work ScopeMaster does for you, through the analysis of user stories.  It is sold inn pre-purchased bundles of analysis credits.

Pre-purchase Analysis Credits

Credits can be purchased by credit card or by invoice. Credit bundles are described on the pricing page.

Credits Are Shared

Credits are assigned to an organisation and shared across the users within a team. 

When are Credits Consumed

You will use up one credit when the story is first created and analysed.  You then have the next 30 days to modify that story as many times as you like and it will cost no further credits.  If you change it after 30 days, it will cost another credit.  You can then make changes for the next 30 days at no further cost, and so on.

To purchase extra credits, send an email to support @

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