First time use - Quickstart

It's your first time with ScopeMaster, so here's what you need to do:

  1. Register - you will be prompted to confirm your email.
  2. Login and review the tips on the home screen:

ScopeMaster Home screen

Follow the link to Go to my work and then add the example set of user stories

Once added, you then need to Analyse the stories, so click on the analyse button:

Sit back and watch ScopeMaster do the hard work!

We recommend that you spend at least 15 minutes exploring and modifying the example user stories, try making changes and then view them in the various different analysis views available:

They have been carefully created to help understand the different types of user story that you might encounter.

  1. Try the example
    1. Import the Example set of user stories
    2. Analyse the stories
    3. explore and play with the example user stories
  2. Create your own set of user stories
    1. add one at a time
    2. examine the analysis results
    3. Refine your user stories
    4. Increase your quality score
  3. Examine / download the test scenarios
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