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HTTP Request


HTTP Response Example

	"seconds": 0.058,
		"id": "109",
		"email": "[email protected]",
		"created_on": "1551482040",
		"first_name": "Joe",
		"last_name": "Smith",
		"billing_type": "BUNDLE",
		"timezone": "Europe/London",
		"company": null,
		"phone": "",
		"address1": "",
		"address2": "",
		"city": "",
		"state": "",
		"postcode": "",
		"country": "",
		"org_id": "OR30c8746905",
		"initials": "J S",
		"full_name": "Joe Smith",
			"id": "OR30c8746905",
			"parent_id": "",
			"name": "Example Inc",
			"address1": "",
			"address2": "",
			"city": "",
			"state": "",
			"postcode": "",
			"country": "",
			"created_utc": "1551480528",
			"updated_utc": "0"
		"in_credit": true,
		"allowed": 1,
		"allowed_reason": "IN_CREDIT",
		"credits_remaining_in_current_bundle": 6937
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