Glossary is the term that we use for objects and users (both suggested by ScopeMaster and those confirmed by you).  A glossary associated with one and only one app. 

Available Commands

List Glossary Items

Fetch the glossary items, with the context of a given app (set of requirements)

GET /apps/{app_id}/glossary

Get a Glossary Item

Fetch a single glossary item.  Note that the name attribute is a lowercase, trimmed version of the original_name.

GET /glossary/{glossary_id}


Add Glossary Item

Add/confirm a glossary word or phrase in the context of an App.

POST /apps/glossary

Body must contain app_id, name and type_of USER or OBJECT.  For example

{"app_id":"AP12345eF", "name":"visitor", "type_of":"USER"}

Update Glossary Item

PUT /glossary/{glossary_id}

Updates the glossary name, if a matching one exists.  Example PUT body:


returns the updated glossary item:



Delete Glossary Item

DELETE /glossary/{glossary_id}

Deletes the glossary item, if it exists.

return s200, no json body.

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