Simple Function Points (deprecating)

Simple Function Points - end point

This is an experimental endpoint for Simple Function Point sizing of backlogs (sets of functional requirements).  

Available Commands

GET /apps/{app_id}/sfp

About Simple Function Points (SFP)

Simple function points are a quick approximation of IFPUG function points. ScopeMaster performs the language analysis on the requirements sufficient to detect the Data Groups ( Unspecified Generic Data Groups) and transactions (Unspecified Generic Elementary Processes).   Determining SFP from a set of requirements requires some judgement.  For example if an object type (UGDG) occurs just once within a set of requirements, is it really a UGDG or perhaps it is just a typo. ScopeMaster helps expose sufficient detail so that you can use judgement and establish your own SFP estimation models.

Using ScopeMaster to Automatically estimate SFP

ScopeMaster is able to help accelerate both full IFPUG FP counting and SFP counting.  A set of requirements should be added to ScopeMaster via the UI (as a CSV upload).  Once imported, you then need to instruct ScopeMater to analyse the requirements.  Once completed the SFP report can be run and the new sfp API endpoint will expose SFP information as shown below.

At this time we are exposing the simple function point information necessary to integrate with parametric planning tools.

More information about Simple Function Points can be found at

Get the Simple Function Points details for a set of requirements




Returns the  app simple function point details excluding the requirements (user stories)

Example response, in this example "access" is the name of an object/UGDG:

"sfp": {
	"dg": { 
		"access": {  
			"confirmed": true,  
			"occurrences": [
				"title": "create account",
				"inference": "C",
				"requirement_id": "RQcb452d8125",

	 "ep": {
		"access": {
			"occurrences": [....],
		"CRUD": {  <- all CRUD events for this object "access" 
			"C": 3,
			"R": 1,
			"U": 3,
			"D": 2},
		"u_crud": 4 }, ....
	 "totals": {
		"dg_count": 83,
		"dg_total": 581,
		"ep_C_count": 56,
		"ep_D_count": 19,
		"ep_R_count": 75,
		"ep_U_count": 57,
		"ep_count": 207,
		"ep_total": 952.20000000000,
		"ep_u_count": 145,
		"ep_u_total": 667.000000000000,
		"sifp_total": 1533.20000000000,
		"sifp_u_total": 1248.000000000001


The meanings of each of the above terms is as follows:

Field Name Description
dg Data Groups or Object types, UGDG 
ep Data Transactions, UGEP
CRUD ScopeMaster uses the common technique of CRUD analysis to ensure that all data is fully maintained within a system

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