Using the Flow Designer

The ScopeMaster flow designer allows you to define user journeys interactively.

About links 

Links between user stories give you the ability to design user journeys.  Links can be created, labelled and deleted within the flow designer or when editing a user story.

(Other types of associations between user stories such as parent-child relationships are not definable within the Flow Designer, but they can be defined when editing a story).

ScopeMaster allows you to design flows/sequences interactively in the flow designer:

Getting Started, 

1. Go to the "Flow Designer" view from the dropdown menu.

Once you have defined some links, ScopeMaster will add this link to the menu bar for fast access:

2. Add user stories to the flow diagram, by selecting them from the top dropdown box.  

Once you have added two or more stories to the designer, you can start linking them.

Add a link between two stories 

Click on one story card, press, drag and drop onto the next story card.  This creates a sequential link between the two stories.  You can also doubleclick on the link to add a short label to it.

Add a story with a link after an existing story

This is a fast and efficient way of defining user journeys.  When you add a story this way a default title is set which you can edit afterwards, just doubleclick on the story to open the full dialog box.  Also note that when you add a story this way, it is added but not yet analysed.

Removing a link

Singleclick on a link and then press the delete key.

Adding a label to a link

Doubleclick on a link, opens a dialog to add a short description of the link.


  1. Selecting and deleting a story card from the flow designer, has no effect.
  2. Selecting and deleting a link will remove the link between two stories.

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