The Benefits of Using Story Analyser for Jira from ScopeMaster

Backlog Quality Assurance and Sizing - Automated

  1. Improve the quality of your user stories both individually and as a set.
  2. Know the functional size of your user stories.

Story analyser is the ultimate in shift-left testing for Jira Software users, it interprets, tests and analyses your user stories before you even start writing code.

Everyone Benefits

Story Analyser, helps make stories clearer. Clearer user stories leads to less time wasted having avoidable discussions about the meaning of the story.

Developers and Testers Benefit

Instant backlog insight. Auto-generated Classes diagrams and Auto-generated Use Case Model diagrams bring meaning and insight to a large backlog, leading to better early design decisions.

Avoid sizing debates. Automated functional sizing means less time wasted debating and gaming story points.

Determine true velocity. Cosmic Function Points (unlike story points and t-shirt sizing) are a true scalar of software size.

Testers Benefit

Foundations Tests Auto-generated. Auto-generated test scenarios provide the basics of positive and negative loop testing for each user story at an object list, saving time in test preparation.

Product Owners Benefit

Rapid Feedback. Get rapid feedback on what your written story actually means and how to improve it.

Deliver Faster. Learn to articulate user needs succinctly that help the team deliver faster.

Project Managers Benefit

Increased certainty. Knowing the quality of each user story and the entire backlog contents means that a project manager can plan, control and monitor scope, productivity and schedule with greater certainty.

Valid Metrics. Using the auto-determined functional size in COSMIC Function Points. (CFP) as the foundation, project managers can manage scope, productivity, schedule and quality with far greater certainty.

Lower Project Risk. Better visibility of size and quality of functional requirements will reduce risk of scope related surprises. Furthermore Story Analyser CRUD analysis reveals many knowable unknowns.

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