What is CFP?

COSMIC Function Points


CFP stands for COSMIC Function Points - it is the modern ISO standard of software functional size measurement.  It is an independent measure of software size from the users perspective.  It is a refinement of the original function point concept that suits most software types and all methodologies of delivering it, including Agile.

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What about Story Points?

Story points are a team-centric indication of effort/complexity to develop a piece of functionality.  They are useful as an aid to communication amongst the members of an individual development team.  Story points are not suited to measuring at a project level or cross teams, that's where CFP excel.  Unlike story points, CFP are suitable for measuring functionality at a project/programme/department level.  

We advise that you use both as you become familiar with CFP as follows: use story points within a team, for everything else use CFP.  Over time a team may abandon story points and just use CFP.

What about IFPUG Function Points and Simple Function Points?

ScopeMaster performs a significant amount of the work to establish an IFPUG function point count (and by inference also a Simple Function Point count).  ScopeMaster essentially performs the heavy lifting of the traditional FP sizing work.

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