Story Analyser for Jira - Billing

30 day Free Period

When you install the ScopeMaster® Story Analyser from the Jira Marketplace, you can use the app free for 30 days.  

How does Billing Work

As with all Jira cloud apps, you will be charged according to the number of cloud users.

Pricing for the Story Analyser is here

Each month you will be granted a bundle of credits for analysing stories.  For each licensed user of the app you will be assigned 1 story analysis credit each month.  You can modify a story as many times as you like (within 30 days) and will only consume 1 credit.  So you can keep refining and testing your story without incurring extra cost.

Unused credits will carry forward for up to 12 months, so if you have a month with not too much activity, the next month you'll have extra credits to work with.

Example 1:  7-user Jira Cloud instance will pay $10/mo flat fee for use of the app, this will give you credit to analyse 10 new user stories per month.  

Example 2:  50 user Jira Cloud instance will pay $500/mo for the app and will receive 50 additional credits per month, allowing the team to analyse 50 additional user stories per month. 

Additional credits may be purchased at any time direct from ScopeMaster.

Check Your Credit Balance

To check your credits available visit the App (tenant) page, then scroll to the very bottom, to see a credits link that will show your outstanding available credit balance.

The ScopeMaster Story Analyser Admin page

Then scroll to the button and click on the credits link.

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