Story Analyser for Jira - Analysing Stories

If ScopeMaster has been enabled for the project, you can analyse stories one at a time from the issue page, or you can analyse an entire Jira project from the Analysis page.

From the Issue page

You will see the ScopeMaster Analysis icon on each user story issue page, click on on this to expose the "Analyse now" button.

Then click on analyse now:

In the context of each user story, you will see the option analyse each user story.
Click the Analyse button within each user story.

This will take a few seconds after which you wil need to reload the user story page to expose the results for both quality grade and functional size in COSMIC Function Points (CFP).

OR Visit the Analysis page and Analyse All

In the left hand Project menu you will see a link to "Analysis " from here you will be able to a) analyse all and b) see the results of the analysis of the set of user stories.

Button on the issue bar that hides/shows the analysis
Screenshot of the Analyse All button in Story analyser for Jira
Go to the Analysis Page and you will see the status and results of the Analysis of teh Set of user stories.


The Story Analyser will only analyse the summary field of Jira issue types of: Story, Epic, New Feature or Improvement. Other issue types are not analysed. Other fields within the story are not analysed.


Avoid changing issue story keys, as they are used by the Story Analyser

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