Story Analyser for Jira - How does it work

The ScopeMaster Story Analyser for Jira will analyse the text of user stories in Jira Software

Nb. Issue type = "Story" only.

The Story Analyser uses the ScopeMaster analysis engine to inspect, interpret and analyse the summary field of your user story. The ScopeMaster engine has been developed over many years using advanced, NLP model tuned specifically for software user stories. The analyser does not change your user story, it gives you valuable and insightful feedback:

For each analysed user story, you get:

  • Interpreted functional intent
  • Quality grade
  • Functional size in ISO standard COSMIC Function Points (CFP
Functional interpretation, quality assurance and Functional size of each user story

For the set of user stories you get:

  • CRUD analysis, even highlights missing user stories!
  • Consistency analysis (of object terms).
  • Class Diagram, a suggested first pass at design.
  • Functional size analysis.
Automated CRUD analysis within Jira, amazing insight on a set of usr stories
Auto-generated suggested class diagram, helps design thinking
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